LED Neon Rope lights.
It’s shatterproof, flexible and comes in a variety of lengths and colors. LED Neon Rope Lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are designed to last longer and their energy consumption is considerably lesser than the regular neon tube lights. These vibrant lights can be used to brighten up: Restaurants/ Clubs/ Bars Advertisements/ Signs/ Artistic Displays Exterior Lighting Landscape Lighting and more! The LED Neon Rope Lights at Beyond LED Technology comes in
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Is your business still shying away from using LED lights? Traditional lighting at the workplace might create unpleasant working conditions including headaches and eye strain to your staff. Lighting affects the performance of your staff more than you think. A simple solution for this lighting dilemma is to replace your traditional lighting into LED Panel Lights. A modern makeover will not only improve the aesthetics of your office but it will also provide a more
LED technology develops continuously and addresses the issues that we face when it comes to energy saving in various fields of industries. Over the years, growers have preferred the use of HPS (High-Pressure Sodium lights) due to its high production of light. However, the HPS lights generate a lot of heat as a result of its high-intensity output. To overcome the problem of excess heat, additional ventilation is required to maintain sufficient airflow. Compared to
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If you have browsed our amazing products at Beyond LED Technology, you might have noticed UL, ETL or DLC certifications on the products. We aim at manufacturing LED lights that are not only of high-quality but we ensure that they are safe to use as well.  It is not necessary for products to have all these certifications on them. Even a single certification confirms that the product has been tested for safety at a Nationally
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When purchasing LED light bulbs, customers often make the mistake of checking the watts of the lighting rather than the lumens. If you’re too caught in between the war of  “Is it lumens or watts?” then this blog is just for you. First, let’s start from the basics. What does Watts do ? In simple terms, watts are used for the measurement of energy consumed. Throughout the years we have been using watts to define
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