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LED A19 Bulbs JK Series

Beyond LED JK Series A19 bulbs for everyday fixtures, are an ideal fit for the ordinary yet vital fixtures of your home & office, such as lamps and ceiling fans. Engineered to be shatter resistant and long-lasting, our LED bulbs save you money by drastically reducing your replacement and electrical costs.

• Specially designed for enclosed fixtures
• Rated for safe use in damp locations like bathrooms and kitchens
• Energy efficient replacement for conventional 60-100W watt bulbs
• Estimated life of 15,000 hrs
• No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally safe disposal
• Dimmable and Non Dimmable versions
• Input Voltage 120V



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JK Series

SKU# Model# Watts Lumens CCT Base Dimmable Certifications
151312 BLT-L10-A11924U-9W-5000K 9W 750Lm 5000K E26 NO UL
151313 BLT-L10-A11924U-9W-3000K 9W 750Lm 3000K E26 NO UL
151314 BLT-L11-A19DF-9W-5000K 9W 800Lm 5000K E26 YES UL & ES
151315 BLT-L11-A19DF-9W-3000 9W 800Lm 3000K E26 YES UL & ES
151316 BLT-L11-A19DF-11W-5000K 11W 1100Lm 5000K E26 YES UL & ES
151317 BLT-L11-A19DF-11W-2700K 11W 1100Lm 2700K E26 YES UL & ES
151318 BLT-L11-A19DF-14W-5000K 14W 1600Lm 5000K E26 YES UL & ES
151095 BLT-A 19DF-15W-30K 15W 1600Lm 3000K E26 YES UL & ES

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