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LED Corncob Bulb KB Series

Beyond LED Technology’s KB Series Corncob High wattage LED retrofits are designed to reduce the power consumed, in fixtures traditionally used with metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, while still producing a high Lumen output. This 2020 version is the smallest, and shortest of its kind to fit such a wide range of fixtures. Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures, these high output LEDs are an excellent choice for post top lights, shoebox fixtures, and other HID fixtures.

• Up to 140 lumens per watt
• High-reliability internal driver
• Universal 100-277Vac
• Can safely be used in enclosed fixtures



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SKU# Model# Base Watts Lumens CCT IP Input Voltage Certifications
151359 BLT-CLW07E-012WXYA1-acK E26 12W 1740Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL
151360 BLT-CLW07E-018WXYA1-acK E26 18W 2610Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL
151232 BLT-CLW07E-027WXYA1-abcK E26 27W 3915Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL
151361 BLT-CLW07E-036WXYA1-acK E26 36W 5220Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL
151362 BLT-CLW07E-045WXYA1-acK EX39 45W 6525Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151363 BLT-CLW07E-054WXYA1-acK EX39 54W 8100Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151364 BLT-CLW07E-063WXYA1-acK EX39 63W 9130Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151365 BLT-CLW07E-080WXYA1-acK EX39 80W 11600Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151366 BLT-CLW07E-100WXYA1-acK EX39 100W 14500Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151225 BLT-CLW07E-120WXYA1-acK EX39 120W 17400Lm 5000K IP65 100-277Vac UL & DLC
 06534 BLTCLW150W57K E39/E40 150W 18000Lm 5700K IP64 100-277Vac UL & DLC
151013 BLT-CLW03-200WAC1-E-50K E39 200W 26000Lm 5000K IP64 100-277Vac UL

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