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LED Designer Troffers Pixel Square Series

Our new 2021 Pixel Square Series troffers offer uniform illumination and excellent energy savings when you replace traditional T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent troffers. Featuring back-lit technology, and a low-profile design, the Pixel Square Series troffers provide an even light diffusion for low-glare lighting that won’t strain the eyes. Our LED Troffers are suitable for narrow or standard drop ceilings.

• High efficacy, up to 110Lm/W
• Light weight aluminum frame
• Easy one man installation
• 0-10V Dimming capabilities
• Remarkable light uniformity
• 5 year warranty
• Built-in standard earthquake clips
• Universal 100-277Vac 50-60Hz



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SKU# Model# Length Watts Lumens CCT Input Voltage Certifications
151397 BLT-GL2*2-F40-40K 2X2’ 40W 5000Lm 4000K 100-277Vac ETL
151736 BLT-GL2*2-F40-50K 2X2’ 40W 5000Lm 5000K 100-277Vac ETL

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