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LED Display Case Showcase Lights

One of the best applications for LED lighting is in retail showcases and displays. LED lighting allows your products to really stand out. Light creates a unique shopping experience that stimulates a customer’s buying behavior. Top retailers all already use LED lighting in their display cases. Halogen and florescent display lighting not only diminishes the appearance of your products, but use substantially more energy and have a much shorter lifespan.
• Choice of Illuminated or Non-Illuminated Side Stands.
• Customizable Lengths of 43”, 55”, & 67”.
• Kits Include Light Bar and Your Choice of Accessories for Mounting.

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Showcase Lights

SKU# Type Length Watts Lumens CCT
106724 Short Showcase Light 43″ 18.9W 1512Lm 6000K
106765 Medium Showcase Light 55″ 25.2W 2016Lm 6000K
106781 Long Showcase Light 67″ 30.6W 2448Lm 6000K



SKU# Type Length Watts Lumens CCT
106815 Illuminated Light Stand 11″ 3.6W 576Lm 6000K
106823 Light Stand 11″ N/A N/A N/A


Vertical Lights

SKU# Type Length Watts Lumens CCT
106963 Vertical Bar Light 11″ 17W 1300Lm 6000K
106823 Vertical Bar Spotlight 9″ 2.4W 650Lm 6000K



SKU# Type
106831 Plastic Bracket
107011 Low Voltage 3way Connector
106930 Display Fixing Bracket
106856 Input Connector Pin
106906 End Cap
106864 Display I-Connector
106880 Display T-Connector
106898 Display L-Connector

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