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LED RGB Controller RYN Series M30-S

Beyond LED’s RYN Series Model M30-TS RGB LED controller is designed to drive constant voltage LED products in a voltage range of DC6-24V. It could be controlled by smart phone via bluetooth connection with the LIGHT MESH App. With advanced BLE mesh technology, several controllers could work synchronized and be operated by smart phone with group features.

• Remote Distance >49 feet
• IP68 Rated
• Working Voltage DC 6-24V
• BT V4.0 w/mesh feature
• Constant voltage PWM output
• 42 Dynamic modes
• 3x5A rated output current



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RYN Series

SKU# Model# Working Voltage Dynamic Modes Static Colors Remote Distance Waterproof Rating
101683 R208-S DC 5-25V 43 30 >49 feet IP68 Rated
101717 R328-S DC 6-24V 42 16 >33 feet IP68 Rated
151367 MP70-COM-S DC 5V-24V IP68 Rated
151259 M30-S DC 6-24V 42 >49 feet IP68 Rated

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R208-S 101683

R328-S 101717

MP70-COM-S 151367

M30-S 151259