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LED 8ft T8 Tubes BELL Series

Our new and revolutionary BELL Series T8 8’ Glass Tube offers significant energy-efficiency and lifetime improvements over fluorescent lamps. Our BELL Series lamps are installed by bypassing existing fluorescent ballasts, and hard-wiring tombstone lamp-holders directly to incoming AC power leads. Dual-ended bypass lamps eliminate the need to replace shunted tombstone lamp-holders in existing fluorescent luminaires.

Product of the year 2021

• REVOLUTIONARY design consists of 2 parts that combine to be one tube
• Cost effective shipping also reduces damages during transit
• Current Leakage Protection, Passed UL 1993
• Up to 130 lumens per Watt
• Shatter-proof & meets NSF Requirements
• Fa8 Base/G13 Standard with optional R17d connector
• Full glass housing inhibits yellowing and distortion
• Replaces 85W T8/T12 HO lamps
• Type B dual end power & bypass ballast
• Universal 120-277Vac 50-60Hz


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BELL Series – Type B

SKU# Model# Watts Lumens CCT Length Lens Power Base Input Voltage
151213 BLT-8FT-42WB2SC-65K 42W 5460Lm 6500K 8′ Clear 2 End Fa8/G13 Standard R17d Optional UL
151216 BLT-8FT-42WB2S-65K 42W 5460Lm 6500K 8′ Frosted 2 End Fa8/G13 Standard R17d Optional UL
151588 BLT-8FT-42WB-50K 42W 5460Lm 5000K 8′ Frosted 2 End Fa8/G13 Standard R17d Optional UL & DLC
SKU# Part Pieces
151215 High Output Accessories for 8′ Tube Set of 2 pcs

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151213 / 151216 / 151588 / 151215

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151213 / 151216 / 151588

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