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Beyond Complete Control Systems

A good lighting design includes a good control design. Lighting controls play a critical role in lighting systems, enabling users manually or automatically to turn the lights ON and OFF using a switch and/or adjusting light output up and down using a dimmer.
Beyond Controls are the perfect and support free solution for small and mid-size spaces, without using Wifi,Tablets or Computers. Beyond lighting controls are fully wireless RF technology based, which means super easy to use without any technical support.

• Full Radio Frequency System
• No Computer Needed
• 1-Touch Wireless Commissioning
• PIR Occupancy Sensing
• Super Easy Installation
• Wireless Dimmer
• Daylight Sensing

Energy Solutions for Different Spaces
Area dimming and sensing for offices, classes, hospitals, and parking lots…
Switch on/off and dim a group of lights with the wireless manual control dimmer and sensor. Save additional energy with daylight harvesting.
Install the dimming module in a standard junction box, gather all dimming wire and then feed into the 0-10V terminal. To save on additional energy put two wireless dimmers near the entrance/exit and add a daylight sensor near the window.



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SKU# Model# Voltage Standby Power Battery Life Maximum Power Frequency Band RF Range
151017 151017 100V/277Vac 50-60Hz 0.6W 1200W 443.92Mhz 30m
151020 151020 3V <1UA 10-year 443.92Mhz 30m
151018 151018 3V 2.5uA 5-year 443.92Mhz 30m
151019 151019 3V 2uA 5-year 443.92Mhz 30m
151021 151021 3V 2uA 5-year 443.92Mhz 30m

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