LED Commercial Down Light Versaflex Series

Our Versaflex Commercial down light has been optimized to the third generation. The innovative separable design of junction box and housing make more flexible and considerate. Versa-flex downlight has built-in integral junction box that eliminates the need for a traditional recessed housing, during installation, simply gets wired to a wall switch and placed into the ceiling.
• Up to 100 lumens per watt
• Available with either 4/6/8” downlight cans
• Innovative separable design of j-box & trim
• No can needed
• Select any trim size with one J-Box
• Optional retro kit and backup battery
• 0-10 dimming
• Universal 120-347Vac
• Energy Star certified

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Versaflex 1.2 Series

SKU# Model# Watts Lumens CCT Fits Dimmable Certifications
150821 BLT-CP6-D15W-30E 15W 1275Lm 3000K 4”/6”/8” YES UL & ES
150822 BLT-CP6-D20W-30E 20W 1760Lm 3000K 4”/6”/8” YES UL & ES
150230 4” Trim
150229 6” Trim
150236 8” Trim


Versaflex 1.3 Series (Adjustable CCT)

SKU# Model# Watts Lumens CCT Fits Voltage Certifications
151190 BLT-YL4DR-A1-15Z
15W up to 1661.70Lm 3K/4K/5K 4”/6”/8” 120-347Vac UL & ES
151191 BLT-YL4DR-A1-20Z
20W up to 2170.60Lm 3K/4K/5K 4”/6”/8” 120-347Vac UL & ES
151192 4” Trim
151193 6” Trim
151194 8” Trim

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Spec Sheets

Versaflex 1.2

Versaflex 1.3

LM79 Reports


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